Badass Virginia Teen Lifts Truck, Saves Family From A Garage Fire

You know, most parents would settle for a phone call.

In the case of one badass Virginia teen, she went above and beyond to save her family from a deadly garage fire. Charlotte Heffelmire, 19, had to act fast when a jack slipped, trapping her father beneath a truck. In the midst of propane tanks bursting into flames around them, Heffelmire lifted the truck off her father, saving his life and enabling them to escape the building, NBC reports.

You read that right. She LIFTED a freaking truck.

As if that wasn't enough to gain superhero status, she then "gunned the truck sideways" to keep it from exploding close to their home. She promptly escorted her grandmother and three-month-old niece out of the residence to safety. And to keep herself busy until firefighters arrived, she kept the blaze at bay with a garden hose.

Did I also mention she's a former pole vaulter and current Air Force Academy attendee? Um, yeah. Try holding a candle to that, Iron Man.

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