This Teen Just Hacked North Korea Using The Most Obvious Password Ever

Tech-savvy teenagers - they're everywhere!

But what are the odds of a kid fooling around with the login information belonging to North Korea's knockoff version of Facebook only to find out its super-complicated, unobtainable admin password is literally the word "password."

According to Fox News, an 18-year-old British teen named Andrew McKean just admitted to hacking a North Korean social network that looks identical to Facebook.

Motherboard first reported on the Facebook clone launching in North Korea on May 27.

Just a few days later, McKean was able to access the platform by visiting the site, simply clicking the admin link at the bottom of the page, then entering the word "password" within the password field and "admin" within the username field.

Boom. Just like that, he was in!

McKean then proceeded to update the site's sponsored post field with a message that read,

Uh, I didn't create this site, just found the login...

Here's a screenshot:

Star Con/Motherboard

As of Wednesday, the site has been taken offline. Note to everyone (even communist dictators): Change your passwords frequently.

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