Facebook/Joe Stewart

Teen Dad Found Dead After Baby Dies

Just days after his newborn son died, Joe Stewart was found dead in his own home.

Now family members are left grieving over the loss of the young father. Stewart's brother, Shaun, expressed his feelings on the death via social media, saying,

Here you were just the other day joe bro I still don't believe it, you will always be our brother and a true one at that love you my boy rest easy.
Facebook/Shaun Stewart

Stewart's death occurred 12 days after his son, Joe Jr., died in Scotland from intestinal problems, according to Glasgow outlet The Daily Record. Joe Jr. was only 4 weeks old.

This means Joe's family is coping with not only one, but two lost loved ones in the span of two weeks.

Besides his immediate family, Joe leaves behind his girlfriend, 18-year-old Allanis Stirling, and her 1-year-old son, Connor.

After Stewart was found dead at his home in Inverness, Stirling changed her profile picture to a photo of her with her boyfriend and her kids.

The cause of  the sudden death has not yet been revealed.

Other family members of Stewart followed suit in paying tribute to the deceased teenager with pictures as well.

Lena Stewart, who is listed on Joe's Facebook page as his mother, changed her profile picture to a photo of her son dressed in a full suit.

Thomas Stewart, listed as Joe's brother, did the same thing, except his photo of choice was an image of Joe holding what appears to be his newborn son.

According to the Daily Record, police confirmed they had been called to Stewart's home on Tuesday night.

A spokesman said,

There were no suspicious circumstances and as with all sudden deaths a report will be sent to the procurator fiscal.

Joe Stewart was just 17 years old when he died.

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