Teen Gets Super Creepy Request From Lawyer After She Applies For Cleaning Job


Another day, another woman sexually harassed.

A teen trying to earn some money by cleaning houses was shocked when a man offering her work sent explicitly sexual insults and asked for pictures.

Chelsea Dann, 18, was contacted by a lawyer on Whatsapp and offered her £15 an hour to clean his home in Walsall.

However, he asked her to send along a few pictures of herself in addition to her CV.


She was understandably reluctant at first, though she eventually sent one over in the hopes it would land her the job.

But the lawyer insisted on making inappropriate comments about her appearance.

He texted her,

I rather have a young attractive girl working for me then a granny, looks bad on my reputation, I'm a well off business man.

Echoing the awful sentiment, the man later added he'd rather have a pretty face than a hard worker.

As if all of that isn't creepy enough, he also refused to tell her his name throughout their entire conversation.


After seeing Dann's tattoos, the lawyer went on to accuse her of being a single mother of three on benefits, which, she assured him, was completely inaccurate.

The 18-year-old was left feeling quite shaken by the conversation.

She told MailOnline,

I have just finished college and I'm looking for work at the moment to decided to earn some money as a cleaner. A lawyer messaged me with a job opportunity clearing his house but then he asked me to send him pictures of myself. Then the conversation starting getting sexual and he said things like, "You look hot in that dress." He was a creep and not a nice guy. I've now blocked him. I was just trying to get a job and I was being discriminated against for my looks. It made me feel really little.

As shown by the Whatsapp messages, Dann ultimately told the unnamed lawyer to shove the job, er, somewhere, and she let him know he was a small-minded something-or-other.

I think we probably get the gist of what she said.

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