Teen With Cancer Takes Graduation Pics In Hospital Shortly Before Dying

In October 2014, Kevin Titsworth received the news he feared since his childhood: His cancer returned.

This time, it was leukemia, and it was likely incurable.

Titsworth was first diagnosed with cancer at just 9 years old, but through treatment, he managed to go into remission for several years.

But when he started his senior year of high school, everything changed.

Up until then, Titsworth was a member of the school's marching band and was a huge football fan. He tried to live his senior year as normally as possible; he managed to attend prom and his graduation, but he was getting sicker each day.

As school came to a close, Titsworth realized he was too sick to take his senior photo.

So, his friends did something amazing: They brought the senior photo shoot to him.

Decked out in a crimson cap and gown, Titsworth smiled for the camera in his hospital room, alongside two of his best friends.

The photos made it to social media where they -- and Titsworth's story — went viral.

People from all over donated to the family's GoFundMe account...

...and countless people shared the brave man's story with their loved ones.

On Monday, Kevin Titsworth passed away.

Social media is awash with tributes to the young man, whose friend says he was a positive, "kind-hearted person."

RT @NicWeishar82: Lost an incredible person. RIP Kevin Titsworth, a @Weish4Ever beneficiary, and an amazing friend. — WeishFest 2015 (@WeishFest) July 28, 2015

Our hearts go out to Kevin Titsworth's family and friends.

Sending prayers, thoughts, & love to Kevin Titsworth and his family. May your strength continue to inspire the world, Rest in Peace — Hannah Callan (@hanz_bananz_) July 28, 2015

May he rest in peace.

wow!! RIP Kevin Titsworth.. damn man you fought a strong battle bro rest up my dude. — ╠△קוויןⒾⓁⓁFrank△╣ (@Kevin_franklin1) July 28, 2015

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