Website Enlists Strangers To Answer Your Most Difficult Text Messages

Everyone loves receiving silly text messages, but no one enjoys responding to the difficult kind.

There's nothing enjoyable about being put on the spot.

According to The Daily Dot, an Australian hackathon team thinks crowdsourcing might be the solution to hard-to-answer texts. Its website, Textie, invites users to submit their most puzzling messages for others to answer.

It's as easy as entering an email address, making an account and posting your message.

Community members can post the ways they'd respond, presenting the textee with plenty of options.

All they have to do is pick the best answer, type it up and hit send.

If your text is truly pressing, Textie offers the option of paying a litte money to push it to the top of the submission queue, ensuring more users see it.

Chances are good someone in the community has already dealt with the problem you're facing.

Whether you're struggling to respond to a late-night booty call or breaking up with your best friend, Textie's users have some fairly reasonable ideas about how to handle the situation.

Or, you could just follow your own conscience.

The site has an easy-to-use interface.

Texts line up in the order they're submitted and can even be upvoted.

Instead of asking your girlfriends about a drunk text, ask Textie.

It might help you sort out a difficult conversation.

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