These Voting Apps Help Millennials Cut Through The Bullsh*t In Politics

by John Haltiwanger

Don't know who to vote for? There's an app for that. Well, two apps actually: Crowdpac and Votr.

Midterms are in 20 days, and there's a lot at stake. If you haven't been paying attention, don't worry, most of the country doesn't seem to care either.

Regardless, you should sincerely consider voting, it's never too late to get involved in the political process.

As citizens, voting is our most fundamental right. It's easy to feel apathetic and discouraged about politics, but you can't change anything unless you're engaged.

With that said, it's not always that easy to know who to vote for and why. Let's face it, politics is messy and confusing. Likewise, many politicians haven't given us many good reasons to trust them as of late.

If you're reluctant to vote because you're not sure which candidates represent your beliefs, Crowdpac and Votr have you covered.


Crowdpac is a bit like Match.Com for politics. It provides objective data on politicians based on how they have voted, spoken and spent. In the process, it helps match you with the politicians that align with your convictions at both the national and local level.

It's completely independent and non-partisan, which is quite refreshing in this polarized political climate.

As Crowdpac's website puts it:

Crowdpac's mission is to give politics back to people -- to make it easier for citizens to learn about politicians, and to find and support political candidates that match their priorities and beliefs. We want to help end the stranglehold of big money donors and special interests on the political system and to help create a more representative democracy.

Here's how it works:

First, you select an issue, as well as which state/region and political parties you would like to canvas. You can make it a wide or narrow search. It allows you to choose all political parties, only Democrats and Republicans, or even just the Alaskan Independence Party. Whatever floats your boat:

Then, it lets you choose on a scale whether you are more liberal or more conservative on that issue:

You can choose as many issues as you want and it will help you find the politician or politicians that share the same beliefs with you overall.

For example, if you claim to be in the middle for every single issue, and you want to know which politicians line up with you on a national level, your top results would look like this. In essence, these are some of the most moderate politicians in the country:

This is a fascinating app that offers one of the most clearcut looks at politics out there. It's quick and easy, and it can provide you with the tools to make an informed decision when voting.


Votr is the Tinder for politics, and you can access it right from your phone.

It asks you 15 simple questions about your political beliefs, such as "When it comes to marijuana legalization, are you 420-friendly, or hugs not drugs?" After you answer, it helps match you with US Senate candidates that share the same opinions.

This app is the perfect way to learn important information about politicians prior to the midterms.

It takes something that most people find extremely boring and tedious -- politics -- and makes it entertaining, fast and easy.

Votr was founded by Scott Cohen, CEO of Vocativ. He wanted to find a way to make politics more engaging and interesting to the younger demographic. When he asked his staff how they might accomplish this, someone suggested that they make a "Tinder for politics" and Votr was born.

Votr is particularly interesting because it not only provides data about where politicians stand on certain issues, it also provides insight into what young people care about.

Crowdpac and Votr are the future of politics. Who knows, maybe we will all be voting from our smartphones one day.