The Voice Actors For The Three Main GTA V Characters Look Exactly Like Their Digital Counterparts

by Robert Gordon

Grand Theft Auto V is sweeping the nation, as people of all ages are becoming digital criminals, taking the city of Los Santos by storm.

The game has an unprecedented three protagonists who users are able to switch between at any moment, giving an all-new gaming experience that fully enhances committing heists and robberies.

The three characters, Trevor, Franklin and Michael, are brought together throughout the game in various ways, as Los Santos is big, but not necessarily big enough for them not to cross paths.

The voice actors for Trevor, Franklin and Michael, Steven Ogg, Shawn Fonteno and Ned Luke, respectively, recently came together to take this photo to post on Ned Luke’s Facebook page.

“O-G-G, Solo, and Me...almost three years working together...what a blast! Two of the best guys on the planet...” reads the caption.

The crazy thing about the photo is the three of them actually look like the characters they did the voices for! We’re wondering if they started to resemble them after working on the game for three years, or if the characters’ appearances were based off their real life counterparts. It’s a modern-day “chicken vs. egg” argument.

Check out the photo comparison below!

Photo courtesy Destructoid