You Can Download A Tamagotchi For Your Apple Watch And Relive The 90s


Children of the 90s, your prayers have been answered.

Yesterday, Bandai Namco -- the Japanese video game company responsible for Tamagotchi -- announced it's bringing back the beloved 90s game exclusively for the Apple Watch.

Whereas the original Tamagotchi came in a signature egg-shaped keychain, Tamagotchi 2.0 will instead exist as an app for the $600+ smartwatch.

Because of the relatively small screen of the watch, interactions with the pixelated pet are limited. You'll still be able to feed and clean up after your Tamagotchi, but animation restraints mean the pet won't respond or react.

You also can't actually play with your Tamagotchi on the watch, so filling up the annoying creature's “Happy” meter is a task not easily completed unless you download the slightly better-quality iPhone app, as well.

According to developers, the iPhone app allows for a much more interactive experience, and the animations are far superior to those of the watch-exclusive app.

On your phone, you can play with the Tamagotchi, discipline it and do other activities the little monster needs to be kept alive and well.

And, in the spirit of the original '90s classic, you can expect to receive notifications on your Apple Watch prompting you to care for your digital creature every few minutes.

The things we'll do in the name of nostalgia.

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