The 'Soulmate Quiz' Is The New Terrible Obsession Taking Over Facebook


On to the next one.

The days of FarmVille may be over, but a new viral Facebook trend has taken its place, and it's equally -- if not more -- obnoxious.

Introducing, the "Who is your true soulmate?" quiz.

You've probably already seen the posts on your Facebook timeline, and if you haven't, you will.

The "soulmate quiz" is like the Myspace quiz of years past, but a lot more stupid. The program analyzes your Facebook activity to determine who your true "soulmate" is, and then posts the results on your timeline for all to see.

Most of the time, it's incredibly inaccurate. I've seen tons that say people's own mothers should be their lovers, which is not only disgusting, it's pretty bad guessing for a program that literally has your entire life's information laid out in front of it.

Sorry, Captain Quizz. We're giving you a failing grade.

Check out some of Twitter's hilarious reactions to the troublesome test below.

Captain Quizz ain't afraid of a little incest!

Nor is he afraid to speak the truth.

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