Rappers Don't Even Bother To Walk Anymore After Buying 'Skywalker' Boards

By Julian Sonny

Some call them mini-segways, others call them a hoverboards, but the proper futuristic term is "Skywalker."

You've seen them all over your Instagram feeds or maybe even in your city streets, and who could forget when JR Smith rolled up to the NBA Finals without his damn feet touching the ground?

It would've been so much cooler if his team actually won, though.

Still, this is undoubtedly the new wave of transportation that's sweeping the nation and making us lazier (but flyer) than ever.

I predict that by 2018, nobody will be actually walking anymore. There's just no need and you'll look stupid doing it!

Everybody, from pro athletes to rappers, is getting around on a Skywalker these days.


But for some reason, rappers are really obsessed with them.

Meek Mill uses his whenever he's cuffing with Nicki.

Or if he's just rolling around your city streets!

Young Thug uses them at the crib when he has money-throwing parties.

You might catch Chris Brown doing his damn thing on a Skywalker...

Or Wiz Khalifa doing shopping for his son at Toys "R" Us with it.

It is, after all, the perfect device to smoke your weed on.

And you can definitely pull off tricks to some degree.

When DJ Mustard isn't making beats, he's riding his board!

The same can be said about Swizz Beatz while he's listening to that new Puff Daddy.

A$AP Ferg and his homies use it to get around the airport when they're traveling.

And Iamsu makes sure he brings one to the studio for inspiration.

If you're feeling like an athlete, you can even play basketball on it.

Of course, Lance Stephenson won't be doing any of that.

John Wall is having too much fun with his.

Justin Bieber could barely contain himself when he first got his Skywalker.

He doesn't even walk around his house anymore.

He even uses it when he's on the private jet!

Just don't hurt yourself, dude.

The best part about these things is that they go with any shoes you wear.


And, of course, a Bentley goes nicely with it if you've got one like Meek.


Chris Brown will be able to steal your chick even faster now!