Some Geniuses Invented A Pen To Help People With Parkinson's Write (Photos)

A peculiarly-shaped red pen catching the media's eye isn't just a writing tool.

It's also a clever solution for those suffering from Parkinson's disease.

As the nervous system disorder progresses, many find themselves with muscles that cramp and produce unreadable, minuscule script.

It's a common condition called micrographia and, thanks to the ARC, it's temporarily fixable.

Fast Co. Design reports the ARC pen, a prototype designed by London's Dopa Solution, enables sufferers of Parkinson's to write clearly and legibly.

The vibrating, "ergonomic" pen, designed specifically for therapeutic purposes, helps those with Parkinson's make larger letters.

Lucy Jung, 27, the team's product designer, told Wired UK the pen idea came to her team after hearing from those with Parkinson's.

She said, "We heard stories of how frustrating it was for people who were still working, or who wanted to write a card, sign documents, anything that had to do with writing."

In an interview with Fast Co. Design, she added, "Our lives aren't just eating and breathing."

"It's also writing, and drawing, and singing, and a load of other things that give people joy."

"So we wanted to focus on that."

The team members found vibration made those writing feel as if their hands weren't shaking as much.

And 14 patient trials later, they found themselves with an 86 percent success rate.

The young team, who believes the design could also be used in everyday items like makeup brushes, are hoping to find a company to sponsor production.

The creators want to give people with Parkinson's a new grip on life.

Hwansoo Jeon on YouTube

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