YES! Nokia's Snake Game Will Finally Be Available On Smartphones


Ah, the halcyon days of sitting in the orthodontist's waiting room and playing Snake on your mom's Nokia.

When the smartphone emerged as the new "it" product, the game virtually disappeared from our vocabularies.

That is, until May 14 -- the date when the software developers at Rumilus Design will release a new version of the beloved game.

Available for iOS, Windows and Android phones, Snake Rewind is a spiffy upgrade from Snake. It's the brainchild of Taneli Armanto, the creator of the original game. With new graphics and features, this is an updated play experience for a new generation.

Armanto told The Guardian the game's cult status is still surprising, saying,

When we created Snake for the Nokia 6110 in 1997, we wanted to give people an entertaining experience. [We] never imagined that it would become the classic mobile game.

There's no word on the game's app store price tag just yet, but can you even put a price on nostalgia?

Can't wait until May 14? Rumilus Design already released the game's trailer.

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