The New MacBook Looks F*cking Amazing And Is Going To Change Your Life

During the Apple Watch launch today, CEO Tim Cook announced that the company is also dropping its brand new, light-weight MacBook.

The laptop weighs only 2 pounds, has more pixels than ever and only consumes 5 watts, making it an incredibly energy-efficient machine. In fact, Cook says this is the world's most energy-efficient laptop.

The computer's new battery technology keeps it running longer than previous versions of the MacBook, allowing us to keep our comfy chair at Starbucks as long as we like.

Cook even boasts the innovative device will be able to run all day without needing a charge.

What else? The computer's keyboard is much more precise, even when you strike the sides of keys.

One connector, called USB-C, creates a new industry standard that will let users charge their laptop, connect to TVs and download media from other devices, all in one convenient port on the side of the computer.

Lastly, the computer has steered from Apple's usual sleek silver coloring, with a gold-colored finishing.

So, if you're ready to throw the computer that bakes your thighs while on your lap out the window, you may want to consider saving up for Apple's latest laptop.

The new MacBook starts at $1,299 and begins shipping April 10.