The New Barbie Can Actually Talk And Knows Hundreds Of Phrases (Video)

Gone are the days when Barbie just went to the swimming pool and rode horses. The newest incarnation of the famous fashion doll is too busy having lengthy conversations.

A video filmed at this year's New York Toy Fair shows Hello Barbie, Mattel's newest doll, in action.

The smart doll is WiFi-enabled and picks up on audio cues in a fashion similar to Apple's Siri, allowing for hundreds of different verbal responses.

And with sales flagging, Mattel could certainly use a boost.

The BBC reports the $74.99 Hello Barbie, part of a collaboration with ToyTalk, will enjoy storytelling and playing games with children.

She can even tell jokes and get to know her young owner, remembering favorite topics of conversation.

Even while downloading new software all the time, the blonde doll will still reportedly play for an hour before needing a battery recharge. As of publication, there's no official release date set for the Hello Barbie.

No, this isn't "The Twilight Zone." It's just the everyday experience of children in the tech era.

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