You'll Soon Be Able To Move Minecraft From The TV To Your Table (Video)

Mark my words: HoloLens technology will revolutionize gaming.

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Minecraft fan. I don’t get the appeal in the slightest, but people seem to love it, so who am I to say what’s good and what’s just a bunch of boxes running around putting different colored boxes onto other boxes?

That being said, Minecraft paired up with Microsoft HoloLens, and it looks absolutely insane.

The demonstration above took place at E3 earlier today and features Minecraft co-op play between an Xbox controller and a Microsoft surface using HoloLens.

Minecraft aside, this technology is the kind of stuff that makes you giddy when you think about how it could be paired with other video games in the future. Imagine using the 3D table as a map for Call of Duty or an interactive showing of a city in Grand Theft Auto.

From a spectator's standpoint, 3D viewing of a map on an RPG like League of Legends could change what it means to be an arena spectator at a video game tournament.

We have seen the future of gaming, and it is mind-bogglingly awesome.