New App Described As 'Tinder For Marijuana' Will Find You Smoking Buddies Close By

There are certainly people out there developing technology with the lofty goal of eventually changing the world for the better.

It seems foolish, though, to put in all that effort when you can repackage someone else's idea and potentially make millions of dollars.

It seems that most startups these days are marketing products that seem a tad too familiar, with almost every single new app being branded as "[Another, More Popular App] For [An Oddly Specific Purpose]."

Think "Uber for magic carpets" or "Seamless for mail order brides."

According to MTL Blog, Denver (of all places) is hosting the Marijuana Tech Startup Competition for the best new weed-related tech, in which companies will compete for $2,5000 and the attention of the industry leaders in attendance.

Fast Company spoke with one of the group's organizers, who previewed some of the startups that have already expressed interest in competing.

There are a number of intriguing ideas, but the one that seems to be attracting the most attention is an app that has been described as "Tinder for marijuana," which would be used to find smoking buddies in your area.

Other concepts include an app that tracks the progress of legalization ("Domino's Pizza Tracker for progressive politics) and a marijuana-themed cryptocurrency ("BitCoin for stoners").

It will surely be quite the competition.

H/T: MTL Blog, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It