'Hands-Free Tinder' Uses Heart Rate To Show Whom You're Attracted To

App developers in Texas created a version of Tinder that monitors one's heart rate to select matches.

Designed for the Apple Watch, Hands-Free Tinder uses sensors that begin tracking one's pulse once a profile is opened.

If the heart rate increases, the app decides that one is intrigued by the profile and swipes right, according to Daily Mail.

A lack of change or decrease in heart rate results in a left swipe.

The app was invented by a team at Austin-based technology firm T3, and it says it will soon be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

T3's official site reads,

We've removed the need for a user to take action, instead allowing data to make the decision for them. After all, the heart doesn't lie!

All other details about Hands-Free Tinder appear to be unknown, and Mashable points out it may very well just be a concept and not an actual app.

Even if it is real, the app might not be so trustworthy, considering it's not just attractiveness that can make one's pulse race.

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