For One Month, This Couple Only Spoke To Each Other Using Emoji (Photos)

Who says texting kills relationships?

As part of an experiment for New Tech City, New York couple Liza Stark and Alex Goldmark, a senior producer for the website, tried to express their feelings using only emoji. But these weren't your everyday emoji.

In preparation for the experiment, the couple downloaded every emoji pack they could find. They say that they primarily relied on WeChat, a Chinese add-on pack.

Stark and Goldmark laid down some starting rules for conversation. Each person would have an icon that specifically identified them. In Goldmark's case, it was a boy wearing a hat.

The main difficulty with communication via emoji came from expressing grief, according to Stark. On the other hand, using positive emoji to convey joy and love was easier than just writing it out. Stark said she felt more appreciated when she saw the sentiment in picture form.

She said,

Somebody telling you that they love you is a great and beautiful and wonderful thing, but getting those stickers, getting those emojis, was a different experience.

Goldmark even thinks that he managed to grow emotionally during the experiment because of how easy it was to express his feelings.

He said,

The winking bunny goes a long way, let me tell you.

Feeling sad at the return of letters and words, Goldmark even said that he and his girlfriend spent some time texting with emoji after the experiment was over.

Photos Courtesy: New Tech City/Alex Goldmark