Sharing Your Heartbeat With A Booty Call Via Apple Watch Is The New Sexting

Remember the days of yore when people texted each other nudes?

Yesterday, Apple successfully ended the age of nudes with its smart watch, which syncs itself to the beat of your heart.

Among the company's suggestions on how best to communicate using your Apple Watch: share your heartbeat with a friend.

Or share it with, you know, a booty call — but that's our suggestion, not Tim Cook's.

Show him how fast your heart is beating for him late at night, mid-date or even when you think of him during work.

Hopefully the heartbeat display is a little sexier than simply reading "160 BPM."

The Apple Watch also enables you to tap your watch face, which will, in turn, tap a friend's wrist from their watch -- the tech equivalent of the "not touching you" game you used to play with your siblings.

Users will also be able to use their Apple Watches as futuristic walkie-talkies, "Star Trek"-style, and draw doodles to share with friends.

It's only a matter of time before someone figures out how to turn those into sexting features, as well.

H/T: Mashable, Photo Courtesy: Apple