Apple Took 24,000 Photos Of A Flower For The Watch's Perfect Background


While Apple fans have been obsessing over the brand's new smart watch and its hefty price tag, the creative team was busy perfecting every minute detail of the watch's interface.

In an interview with Wired, human-interface head Alan Dye shared the surprising fact that graphics created for one particular Apple Watch digital face, Motion, required thousands of photographic frames in order to capture a flower blooming over time.

Each time you glance at the time, you'll see the bud open a little more.

Instead of using digital art to draw their own flowers, the team members actually photographed single flowers again and again.

Dye elaborated on the process, saying,

We shot all this stuff... the flowers for the motion face, it's all in-camera. And so the flowers were shot blooming over time. I think the longest one took us 285 hours, and over 24,000 shots.

Flowers aren't the only interface for the watch, either.

Dye confirmed there will be a background featuring high-resolution images of jellyfish, shot at 300 frames-per-second, and a Mickey Mouse graphic that keeps perfect time with a tapping toe.

In short, Dye is confident tech lovers will be awestruck by the level of detail in the Apple Watch.

If you're sold, it's almost time to pull out your credit card: Apple preorder begins April 10.

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