It's About Time: Apple Has Created A Culturally Diverse Set Of Emoji (Photos)

Using an emoji that captures how you're feeling is the perfect way to get your point across when you just can't seem to find the right words.

Plus, let's be real, flirting via text message just wouldn't have the same effect if it didn't involve the excessive use of winky face emoji.

However, these little guys can sometimes be limiting because most of the emoji symbols lack different ethnicities -- until now, that is.

Apple finally set out to solve this problem once and for all by adding a whole new slew of culturally diverse emoji options.

As part of a new beta of iOS and OS X, the updated emoji palette will feature a variety of skin colors for all of the human icons as well as a bunch of new symbols that capture different types of family situations.

Apple also added a variety of updated objects like the iWatch icon and expanded the number of country flags.

With the update, you can change the color of any human emoji in the people section.

To use the different skin tones, all you have to do is simply click and hold on any icon, and it will let you choose from six skin tone options.

Although there isn't a set release date yet, soon enough you'll really be able to spice up all of those annoying group messages and 3 am drunk texts.

Feast your eyes on Apple's newest emoji.

These icons include lots of culturally diverse symbols...

...and a bunch of updated objects and flags.

Gone are the days of settling for emoji that only have one skin tone.

Now, all you have to do is click and hold a symbol...

...and you can choose the desired ethnicity of your emoji.

You can even change the skin color of Santa.

These updated emoji certainly get a thumbs up.

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