This New App Will Text Hilarious Responses To People That Ask You For Nude Pics

You may want to think twice about sending that unsolicited dick pic.

Sexting might seem harmless, but studies have shown it quickly escalates into harassment, especially among young teenagers.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection reports that 51 percent of teenage girls sent nude pictures or videos because they felt pressured from a guy to do so.

Only 18 percent of teenage boys felt the same pressure.

The Ontario Provincial Police sex crimes unit in Canada has come up with an app called Send This Instead to combat this problem.

The app allows teens to send a variety of funny retorts to requests for nude photos.

Some examples of responses are: "Okay TTYL (Talk To Your Lawyer),"  "Why, so you can share them with the friends you don't have?" and "I can’t send you nude photos, but I’ll forward this to my dad and you can try asking him for some."

Police call sexting an "epidemic," and this app hopes to offer an alternative for teenagers when responding to an inappropriate request for a nudie. The user will also able to report the sexual harassment right from the app.

It'll be aimed at protecting teenagers in Canada, but when launched later in the month, it'll be available worldwide.

This may not solve the whole problem, but it just might empower teens to say "no."