5 Videos That You Won’t Believe Were Shot With An iPhone

by Anonymous

As the iPhone has developed over the years, there have been many useful qualities the camera bears that have been often overlooked for more basic uses, such as snapping cheeky selfies, and taking pictures of your fancy lunch. One of the more unnoticed features of the iPhone are its movie-making capabilities.

Well there are the wobbly, fuzzy videos for a bit of drunken banter on a night out, but with the improved video stability and 1080p HD video recording, there is a lot better video-making potential in the palm of your hands. Here are some top-notch examples:


The video ‘ALL UP TO YOU’ is a quirky, hilarious musical involving a tribute to the iPhone 5, which seems very complete despite being only 1 minute and 36 seconds long. The iPhone 5’s camera manages to handle the energetic dancing and flailing very well, and the sound and picture quality of the video is still pretty good.

With the video’s aim to “inspire the next generation of filmmakers to get out there and start sharing their stories with the world," there is no doubt that directors Michael Korbel and Anna Elizabeth James have demonstrated that the iPhone is competent in movie-making and filmmakers on a budget shouldn’t disregard its potential.

2. Operation

Another movie moment, the short film Operation has grabbed that cinematic effect with the brilliant lighting and music. The quality is of the video is outstanding, the great acting skills really brought out the suspense and shock in a plot that would be deemed hilarious.

 3. Framed

Framed is a great example of a beautiful film shot with an iPhone. French filmmaker Maël Sevestre made this film in just a few days, but you would never guess that from watching it. It’s a simple story of a man and his camera, but leaves a lot to be thought about.

The picture quality is clear and the scenery seems to work in tandem with the camera with the glare on the lens, courtesy of our very own sun. Who knew that magic can be made from an iPhone 4S, a tripod and some clamps?  All the elements of a great short film are here and I recommend that you take a look at it.

4. R.Vaughn - "Live in Your Light"

Music videos can be rather expensive to get made professionally, but luckily an iPhone is never too far away if you’re on a budget. Ryan Gonzalez, known by his stage name R. Vaughn, is a Hawaiian singer who managed to make a music video for his song ‘Live in Your Light’ using the video camera and the $4.99 iMovie app from the Apple Store. The video is rather basic in terms of content, but is pretty impressive for a simple editing app and the image quality is spot on. It has managed to rack up 100,000 views too, be sure to give it a watch.

5. Night Fishing – Chan Wook Park and Chan - Kyong Park

What do we get when we have a $130,000 budget; eight iPhones fitted with professional film lens, and a production crew of eighty people? The epitome of an iPhone movie.

Created by Chan-Wook Park, the director of the multiple award winning "Oldboy," the top spot goes to. Night Fishing (aka Paramanjang), a well polished South Korean tale in which a man who goes for a routine fishing trip, but finds something much more disturbing on the end of his hook.

Of course, we can criticize the film for having such high costs and the fact that the equipment used doesn’t fit in our pockets, but the way the film utilizes the restrictions of the camera in order to add to the visuals and feel of the movie, it would be wrong for this video to go unnoticed. The lack of image sharpness giving us a surplus of eeriness, the muffled sound giving us clear shivers down our spines, the use of the iPhone here is genius and highlights the skill of the director.

The film even won the Golden Berlin Bear award of 2011 for the ‘Best Short Film’ at the 61st International Film Festival. Receiving a 6.5 rating on IMDb, not bad for a movie shot on the iPhone 4.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re holding onto an iPhone, you’re holding onto Hollywood! Get recording!

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