10 Reasons Why The Xbox One Is Going To Be Better Than The PS4

by Julian Sonny

With the heavily anticipated release the Xbox One and Playstation 4, we can't wait to see what the next generation of gaming has in store for us.

Especially since the epic NBA 2K14 trailer was dropped last week, things have been really amping up as we say our final goodbyes to the last gen Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, and say hello the future. Well, probably not. How else are we supposed to play GTA V?!

When it comes to choosing a brand to move forward with in this new era of technology, it's always good to know, as the consumer, what the better pick up is. That can get a little tricky though, with some master marketing and clever ploys, people can get distracted from what matters most.

The most important thing is to realize is that you aren't just investing in a gaming console anymore. These are all-encompassing media systems that will quite literally be the last thing you ever need for your living room.

And when it comes down to that, Xbox One is the clear the winner. Even with the extra $100 on the price tag ($499), it's well worth the investment considering what you get in return.

Don't go half way when these two systems drop in November. Step up to the big leagues and take advantage of what the evolution of gaming has to offer. These are the 10 reason why the Xbox One is going to be better than the PS4:

The controller is better geared for the experienced gamer


Say what you want about the PS4's controller design, the Xbox One, hands down, has the better feel and look for the current gen, and next gen, consoles. Microsoft made improvements only where they needed to be, with more responsive bumpers and triggers, plus and upgraded d-pad, it makes everything from shooting up bad guys to scoring touchdowns a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Xbox One will have more games available at the launch

Xbox One/PS4

If you're looking to play your eyes out this winter, then the Xbox One has you covered. With more titles already available at the release date for Xbox, it seems that Microsoft is already more prepared to meet the high demand that is sure to come when it drops. They have more selection, by far. Just check out what you can choose from, starting day one, above.

Plus better exclusive titles

One word -- Halo... 5 to be exact. But it's not just that. Dead Rising 3 is going to blow next gen out of the water as well as other exciting titles such as Forza Motorsport 5, Titanfall and Killer Instinct. These are all Xbox One exclusives.

PS4 on the other hand will of course have Killzone: Shadowfall, which looks pretty badass. But after that, there isn't much else... as of yet. Unless you want to play as a giant Octopus in Octodad: Deadliest Catch it looks like once again, Xbox has the edge in the exclusive games department.

The NFL Experience will change the way you look at football

Xbox One/NFL

In a non-game related feature, that's probably just as important as the games itself, is the all new NFL fan experience. You'll never look at football Sundays the same ever again as Microsoft has teamed up with the NFL to offer a feature that truly embodies everything a true fan could ever need.

With a fully interactive Sporscenter styled ticker to navigate through, you can now access individual highlights, manage your fantasy team and even watch live games all at the touch of your controller. Xbox may have just put NFL Sunday Ticket and RedZone to rest with this one.

Madden 25 CoachGlass is an Xbox One exclusive


Exclusively for the Xbox One, Madden 25 now features an all new CoachGlass system that quite literally changes the way you play the game. Giving you live statistics, suggested schemes and plays through your Surface tablet, you or a friend can now assume the role of defensive coordinator and choose the calls that are best suited to stop your opponent, all depending on formations and game situations.

EA truly brings football to life with this feature and makes us look at the game from an analytical perspective like we never imagined before.

Integration with Surface opens a lot of doors

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The new CoachGlass feature is the first installment that connects the Surface tablet with the Xbox One. But the innovation that is shown through the Madden system is only a preview of what we can expect to see from more titles. With this added extension, we can now expect games and home entertainment to be more immersive than ever.

The Kinect features are groundbreaking

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

One of the biggest upgrades for the Xbox One is the re-worked motion sensor Kinect. It's now using 1080p cameras, which will open all kinds of doors to better user interaction. A new IR sensor also gives the Kinect making it much more accurate at judging the distance from objects. It also allows the ability to recognize joint movements such as moving your thumbs or separating your fingers.

Xbox One has HDMI pass-thru

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The HDMI pass-thru is arguably the biggest game changer in making the Xbox One a full-fledged multimedia system. Not only can you enjoy streaming services like Netflix, but you can watch live TV programming. This arguably the biggest leap from last gen to current as you will virtually have no need for cable. All you need is your Xbox One!

Xbox One is a true entertainment system

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Simply put, the Xbox One is built to last. Microsoft is always thinking how they can keep making it better, and with the new system, the amount of upgrades and tweaks they can provide are endless. With the newly added TV feature and Kinect capabilities, expect Xbox One to just keep getting better and better.

The Verdict

Xbox One

While some may argue that the PS4 is the better gaming console still, there is no denying that Xbox has blown it out the water as more than just that. Their attention to all aspects of home entertainment is amazing as they realize the value of creating a system that can continue to evolve and progress into much more over the course of the next decade. If you're looking for longevity, innovation and bang for your buck, you'll cop an Xbox One this holiday season.