Teacher Allegedly Told Toddler To Use Right Hand Because Left Is 'Evil'

An Oklahoma preschool teacher reportedly told a left-handed boy to write with his right hand because being a lefty is satanic.

Alisha Sands' 4-year-old son, Zayde, always wrote, colored and threw with his left hand. But last week, Alisha spotted him attempting to complete his homework with his right.

She told NewsChannel 4,

I just asked... 'Had his teachers ever said anything about his hands?' And he raises [his left] one and he says 'this one's bad.'

She demanded an explanation in a note to Zayde's teacher at Oakes Elementary School.

The boy was then sent home with an article claiming lefties are, in fact, "evil." The article reportedly also mentioned the idea the devil was a lefty, making all other lefties "unlucky" and "sinister."

Alisha took the article to the superintendent, who apparently didn't think the teacher did anything wrong.

Sands said,

There was no suspension of any kind... There was basically nothing that was done to this teacher.

She plans on filing a complaint with the Oklahoma State Department of Education and placing Zayde, who was kept home on Monday, in a different class.

On Monday, the school's principal told NewsChannel 4 an investigation by the district was underway but would not reveal any details as to exactly who or what is being investigated.

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