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Canberra Boys Grammar School Teacher Sent Sexts To Girl

A teacher was caught red-handed sending dirty messages to an undercover police officer he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Patrick Foley Wilson, 28, a former teacher at Canberra Boys Grammar School in Australia, asked the minor perverted questions in an online chat room including,

Ever go without wearing undies?

This was followed by, "imagine those boys walking up the stairs behind you."

He posed under the username "beachloverM" and groomed the fake girl, known as Jess, for several months, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

NSW Police

Their conversation quickly turned dark as Wilson probed for answers to intrusive questions while fully aware of her age. At one point, he asked her,

You into guys yet or do you still fear boy cooties haha.

She replied,

Haha no I don't fear boy cuties [sic] I'm 13 not 5 lol.

He relentlessly probed again, asking whether she prefers to wear a bikini or a one piece when she goes to the beach.

Wilson went on to ask her questions about masturbation and being spanked.

The sickening sexts came to a head in June 2015 when police officers from New South Wale's Strike Force Trawler unit visited Wilson's parents to inform them he had been grooming a 13-year-old.

NSW Police

During his sentencing hearing earlier this year, Wilson agreed his actions were "disgusting." He explained to the court,

I felt that the internet was just unreal, that it was a made-up cyber-world in which I could run rampant. It's the most shameful episode of my life.

Wilson was given a two-year prison sentence to be served as an intensive corrections order in the community.

He has been banned from working with children and has lost his job as a teacher since the news came to light.

There is no evidence to suggest he was ever inappropriate with his students.

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