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Teacher Domonic Leuzzi Arrested For Letting Students Smoke Weed In Class

The chillest (or dumbest?) teacher ever was arrested for allegedly allowing students to smoke weed in his classroom during school hours.

According to reports, 23-year-old Domonic Leuzzi of Henrico County, Virginia was arrested this week after authorities confirmed he had allowed at least three students to light up in class under his watch. Students first alerted school officials to Leuzzi's illicit activities on March 4, and police discreetly investigated the teacher for nearly a month until they'd gathered enough evidence to charge him.

Until his arrest, Leuzzi was employed at the Academy of Virginia Richmond, a high school for behaviorally and academically troubled teens.

He served as the school's woodshop teacher, which, given his lax policy on in-class drug use, is a little frightening (one paranoid teen on a bad trip, and those tools can become lethal weapons real fast).

Fortunately, Leuzzi was arrested before anything seriously dangerous could happen.

The former teacher faces three counts of "contributing to the delinquency of a minor" and is banned from teaching within the boundaries of Henrico Country again, though he may pursue a teaching career elsewhere.

Let's just hope he gives up on woodshop.

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