People Are Freaking Out Over This 'OCD' Sweater Sold At Target


These holiday sweaters were NOT on target, Target.

As the holiday season approaches, retail outlets began to shift their focuses from fun, breezy summer clothing to seasonal fall and winter offerings.

With those changes comes the yearly tradition of stores bulking up on selections of awful Christmas sweaters that randomly became hip again over the past few years.

Everyone knows a good, modern Christmas sweater is some combination of holiday iconography, terrible clothing patterns and a groan-worthy pun -- like a reindeer upside down with the caption,

Don't Eggnog and Reindeer.


But, one item offered by Target may have crossed this holiday sweater line, making fun of people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The Internet was not happy about the sweater, saying the text trivialized people who really suffer from this very serious mental illness.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 2.2 million people in America alone suffer from OCD.

Target did apologize for any offense caused by the sweater, but also told Metro the sweater was not exclusive to its stores and said it wouldn't be removing the sweater from its racks anytime soon.

Some people are on Target's side, saying this is all a case of people getting wrongly offended at some lighthearted Christmas humor.

Did this actually go too far or is the Internet just butt-hurtin' for the sake of butt-hurtin'? You decide. I'm going to go eggnog and reindeer.

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