Florida Surfer Claims He Caught And Ate The Shark That Bit Him (Video)

Allen Engelman is one gnarly bro, even by Florida standards.

The Florida surfer claims he was bitten on the hand by a seven-foot spinner shark while out surfing.

Following the attack, he went to the hospital and received a few stitches; then, he went back out to hunt down the shark that bit him.

Engelman told local reporters,

He was pulling on me with a lot of power. With my right hand I grabbed his pectoral fin. He was tugging on my hand, and I was tugging on him and he let go.

In the video above, Engelman claims he caught the very shark that bit him (as unlikely as that is) and promptly took it home to "fillet it" for dinner.

Apparently, revenge is a dish best served hot.