Student Refuses Consent Lessons Because He Doesn't 'Look Like A Rapist'


Actual breaking news: A young, white man did an ignorant thing as a result of his privilege.

When Warwick University student George Lawlor was invited to take part in “consent lessons” regarding sexual behavior at his school, the senior reporter at The Tab penned a passionate piece on why he was insulted he was messaged to attend.

He wrote,

Pssst... You said it, George, not me.

The bigot/misogynist/rape apologist told Metro attempts to educate him on consent were “wasted efforts” as he already knows rape is wrong.

He said men like him, who hail from a “privileged, white, middle-class lifestyle,” are simply “not what [rapists look] like.”

Pssst... You're not going to believe this, George, but that actually came off a bit racist and uninformed.

The student continued to claim consent lessons altogether will accomplish little to nothing.

The way he sees it, rapists gon' rape, and there's no use in trying to prevent such activity with seminars explaining how women are human beings, not possessions.

He explained,

Pssst... Let's face it, when it comes to rape, you're the real victim, George.

Without rape, there would never have been a campus consent class to insult the outspoken student's sensibilities.

Of course, he claims he feels sympathy for those who have suffered at the hands of one of mankind's most brutal social traditions.

George insisted,

Pssst... You are the expert, George, even though you walk out your front door each morning free of the fear of someone robbing you of everything you hold dear and leaving you to singlehandedly rebuild your entire sense of self and safety.

Twitter users were offended by the student's sheltered, self-involved words.

Pssst... Never forget, George, this is all about you. Everything is always all about you forever.

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