Story Behind That Viral Rain Photo Proves Dads Really Are Superheroes

A touching picture uploaded to Imgur is giving millions of Internet users a big ol' heaping pile of the midweek feels.

It all started when 25-year-old Eumine Choi uploaded the following picture online.

The image shows a man drenched with rainwater walking down the street, presumably, with his son, who is shielded by an umbrella being held for him.

Thanks to this simple act of dad-liness, the kid, who appears oblivious to what his walking buddy is doing, remains unaffected by the elements.

Choi told the story of how he captured the moment to Metro. He said,

I was about to cross the street and I just wanted to take a picture to show my friends later that night. I wanted them to see what I witnessed. The dad was carrying a leather briefcase and some food, and instead of worrying about himself, he gave the umbrella to his son. Actually, his son wasn't even holding it; the dad was holding it for him, and only certain people would think to do that. It was sweet. It reminded me of my dad and all the times he did these kinds of things but I didn't even realize.I think the kid was eating a snack or something. I don't think he realized what his dad was going through at the time.

Choi also said,

I think everyone can relate somewhat and can recognize how much of a selfless act this is. It struck a sweet spot. Dads, they don't get as much credit as they deserve.

As someone who once shot a hockey puck at my dad's forehead WHILE HE WAS TAKING ME TO ICE CREAM, I can confidently agree with Choi.

Show your dad some love this weekend. Also, show your mom some love. In fact, show everyone some love.

For real, though, call your grandmother. She's worried sick about you.

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