Put Down The Latte: This Is How To Stay Awake All Day Without Caffeine (Video)

The next time you’re about to pass out at work, you should watch a bunch of cat videos and then have a small dance party.

Don’t argue with it! It’s science!

The American Chemical Society’s YouTube page, Reactions, posted a cool energy-hack video with steps you can take in order to stay awake at your work desk.

Apparently, watching cat videos, drinking water and dancing to your favorite songs are all powerful tools against hitting the midday wall.

There are complicated science terms like “oxytocin,” “cortisol” and “50 percent - 65 percent” that explain what doing this stuff actually does to your body, but the quick version of “WATCH CUTE DOG VIDEOS NOW” also works.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to spend the next 10 hours not falling asleep.

*watches 10 hours from a YouTube playlist called “Cats Who Can’t Even But Totally Do”*