A 'One In A Million' Star Explosion Is Coming To Light The Sky So Save The Date


A star explosion has long been the stuff of dreams for astronomers and people obsessed with that big, black blanket above our sky.

But it's a dream no more if Larry Molnar -- whose space game is so strong -- is right about his prediction.

The astronomy professor thinks a red nova will take place some time in 2022. May has been tipped as the month.

However, there's no certainty it will happen. I know it seems vague, but in the world of space science, it's as close to a definite date as it's ever going to get.


Quite frankly, it's a miracle Molnar has pinpointed this timeframe at all. In a trailer for documentary "LUMINOUS," he explains,

No one has ever seen a star go in to this kind of explosion. No other situation has come up where any astronomer has ever been able to see this is a star about to blow up.

Later on in the trailer, he adds,

It's only a one in a million chance that you will ever see it when it's actually exploding. If we see the star blow up, we're going to see what happened a thousand years ago, with our modern cameras.

Why is this such a big deal? Other than the fact that no one's ever seen a star explode, if they were to merge, it would release as much energy as the sun will in its entire lifetime.


The professor and a team have been monitoring the star system known as KIC 9832227 since 2013.

In May last year, Molnar said the explosion is likely to take place within the next five years.


Now, he's camping out with a telescope in New Mexico, tracking movement in the sky until the event is due to take place.

So, stand by for history to be made.

Yay professor Molnar and YAY SCIENCE!