Juror In Stanford Trial Shocked At Turner's 'Ridiculously Lenient' Sentence


After the wildly controversial sentencing of Brock Turner by Judge Aaron Persky on June 2, a concerned juror on the case has come forward with a letter he penned to the judge. In the letter, he expands upon his overarching sentiment that "this punishment does not fit the crime."

The juror, who chose to remain anonymous in an attempt to protect his privacy (The Palo Alto Weekly met with him in person and double checked court records to confirm that he was, indeed, on the case), is the only one of the 12 jurors to publicly comment on the case. And in doing so, he offers us a new inside perspective on the entire situation.

He explains, "I recently became an American citizen after being in the country for over 30 years. This was my first experience as a juror. And frankly, I am disappointed." In the juror's opinion, the American justice system failed in the case of Brock Turner.

In the letter, he makes it clear that it was his hope that the case could "serve as a very strong deterrent to on-campus assaults." But instead, the "ridiculously lenient sentence" just works to "make a mockery of the whole trial and the ability of the justice system to protect victims of assault and rape." He fears that the lax sentence will actually work to deter future victims from reporting their attacks.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the letter to me was his sentiment that his voice as a juror in this trial had gone unheard. He said, "We were unanimous in our finding of the defendant's guilt, and our verdicts were marginalized based on your own personal opinion."

You can find the letter shared originally by the juror to the Palo Alto Weekly in full below.