A Spaceship Filled With Garbage Is Hurling Itself At The Earth Right Now

We don't want to alarm you, but there's a two-ton piece of space junk plummeting towards Earth this morning. 

The capsule, known as Cygnus, is filled with garbage from the International Space Station and is due to hit our atmosphere at around 9:20 am EST.

But scientists have calmed our nerves and told us not to panic as it's likely the junk will disintegrate on its way down.

There is a chance, however, that part of it won't.

Incidents of space junk falling to Earth aren't widely documented, though experts say it happens a lot.

Scott Kelly

Just last year, for example, someone came across part of a Space X rocket off the coast of England.

The plunge will be closely monitored by researchers hoping to get a better idea about space junk. This particular capsule was sent into orbit back in March, loaded with supplies for ISS astronauts.

Before it left Earth, it was fitted with technology so scientists could document its fall.

It's due to blaze down over the Pacific Ocean miles away from land.