Mother Sparks Internet Debate After Charged For Leaving Baby In A Store

The Internet is fighting it out over a mother who left one of her children behind at a grocery store.

It's been tough times lately for Cherish Peterson.

Despite the fact she claims she is a good mom who made one “horrible mistake,” the Arizona mother of four was recently charged with child endangerment after she left her baby in a grocery store.

Peterson told her side of the story during an interview with CBS and recounted how it took her 40 minutes to realize she left her 2-month-old, Huxton, at Fry's grocery. However, by that time, the police already found the baby.

A Facebook support page called I Stand With Cherish was set up, and its description said,

A community of imperfect beings standing up to support another imperfect being.

On the page, Facebook users shared stories and expressed support for Peterson, who they think had an unfair ruling made against her.

Twitter users also stood behind Peterson, tweeting support using #istandwithcherish.

You people should be ashamed for bashing this poor woman! No one is perfect! Grow up already!!! #istandwithcherish — Josh Kelley (@Jesusfreak517) August 31, 2015
I've been where she is. I've lost my kids. I've left things behind. #istandwithcherish — Darci Cole (@darci_cole) August 31, 2015
#istandwithcherish Could have been tragic, but mom's make mistakes, even ones like this. — Lisa Veronica (@nadsbabe99) August 31, 2015

All that being said, there is a strong group of people who think Peterson was rightfully prosecuted, and the support for her is unwarranted.

#istandwithcherish needs to not be a thing. A 'mistake' is leaving milk at the store after u bought it. Not leaving ur 2 m/o at the store. — Laura Miller (@lauramiiiller) August 31, 2015
Your job as a parent is to make sure you don't leave your kids in the car, shopping cart, a pool alone, etc. No excuses. #istandwithcherish — L (@wanderlust_con) August 31, 2015
You know, even on four hours sleep or less, I REMEMBER TO EVEN MAKE SURE MY NEICES ARE IN THE CAR. Fuck all who #istandwithcherish . — ❤ Izagar ❤ (@xizagarx) August 31, 2015

It's still up for debate whether Cherish is a mother who deserves some mercy or a mother who rightfully got the strong arm of the law.

One thing is certain, though: Huxton is an awful name for a child.

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