Dangerous Site Lets You See All The Weird Stuff Your SO's Been Downloading

by Robert Anthony

Imagine being able to see all of the strange crap your boyfriend or girlfriend downloads on a regular basis.

While some of us would be more than able to live without that much transparency, some of us also get curious.

So, how might we be able to go about tracking our significant other's downloads?

There's a new website out there called, and it's making headlines for the simple fact it lets your friends (or anyone with your IP address) see what you've been downloading.

Before you throw your laptop out the window out of immense fear, let me explain exactly what this site is all about.

According to, the website creates a fake tracking link for you to share with a buddy you'd like to track. Once they click the link, they'll be directed to a funny photo or a random video.

While they might think you're simply sharing an innocent photo with them, the link actually allows you to track the downloads accessed using their IP address for a full 24 hours.

Now, at this point, you're probably FREAKING OUT (understandably). What kinds of weird shit did you download a week ago? Have recently you clicked on any strange links your buddy sent you?

There are so many questions -- but don't panic!

Sure, the website is able to track your downloads, and it's just as scary as it sounds, BUT the website only displays downloads obtained using torrents.

In other words, if you use software like BitTorrent, Vuze or similar services, you should worry. If you don't use torrents to download movies, music and other files, then you're fine.

It turns out the website was created by Torrent Freak "for promotional purposes and as a demonstration" of the software company's capabilities.

Marketing Director Andrey Rogov spoke to, saying,

We are engaged in the distribution of information relating to torrent downloading activity to rights holders, advertising platforms, law enforcement and international organizations.

Rogov went on to express that while the average person might find the new website to be invasive and creepy, Torrent Freak believes the software can be used to do society some good.

For example, putting a stop to destructive revenge porn.

You've been warned, people of the internet. Download (and click random links) at your own risk...

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