Genius Site Finds You Best Cyber Monday Deals, So You Don't Spend Hours Looking


Your internet may be running slow today, considering every person is trying to lock down some insane Cyber Monday deals.

The web basically looks like one of those old-school cartoon scraps with the big dust cloud and body parts flailing around.

For reference, here's what that looks like:

So if – like me – you've chosen to take a back seat this year because of the sheer overwhelmingness of it all, I have some good news.

The main problem I have is where to start. There are so many deals, so locating the best one feels like a task of monumental stature.

I'd normally tap out before even making a start. But this Cyber Monday, I'm shopping savvy.

Even better, I'm owning it. Cyber Monday is currently on a leash, heeling to my every word and demand.

The secret? CamelCamelCamel.


Ignore the weird name. This tool is an absolute life-saver, and it's everything you'll need today.

In a nutshell, it sifts through the internet crud and pulls up the best deals on Amazon. It's extremely easy to use.

Sign up, and it'll keep you abreast of all the price drops on products you're interested in.

The tool has tabs that let you explore popular products and stuff on sale at the best price, like a HP ENVY laptop for $679.99 with 21 percent (that's $180) in savings.


In addition, Camel lets you scan through the price history, therefore showing  you how much the product cost at its lowest, and at what time.


Then, it gives you an average price so you'll know how much you're saving in real terms (basically, whether or not you're actually getting ripped off).


The account is free to make, and there are some seriously mega deals to be found.

So, step up and own this Cyber Monday: There's still time.

PS: This couch would look great in your living room.