Sisters Mysteriously Found Dead In Hotel Days After Posting Vacation Pics Online


Every traveler's nightmare came true last week for two American sisters who were found dead in their hotel room while vacationing on an African island.

Annie Korkki, 37, and Robin Korkki, 42, were staying at the Maia Luxury Resort on the island of Seychelles when their bodies were found in their villa.

According to StarTribune, police stated the butler who was caring for the women grew suspicious of the lack of movement throughout the day inside their locked room.

He contacted his manager, who notified the police. When authorities arrived, the women were found unresponsive -- but their bodies showed no detection of trauma.

They were declared dead at the scene.


Alain St Ange, the Seychelles Tourism Minister, talked to NBC News about the sisters' mysterious deaths. He stated,

There were no marks on them whatsoever. They had a good time in the day and then they went to their room.

Apparently, the duo were drinking the day before. They were assisted into their room by the villa staff the evening prior to their death.


Chris Korkki, brother of Annie and Robin, spoke with StarTribune about the tragedy, and described his sisters as "healthy and adventurous women."

Chris also stated the Korkki family is still searching for answers. His mother and brother recently flew out to Seychelles to speak with US and local officials for more insight.

To help ease their pain and answer their curiosity, an autopsy was scheduled immediately after the sisters' death and the results have already been released.

Kare 11 of NBC reported the Korkki sisters' results showed fluid in their lungs, a condition known as Acute Pulmonary Edema.

In addition, Annie's test results showed fluid in her brain, which is known as Cerebral Edema.


Buzzfeed News has also reported medication was taken from their room by the police for investigation, and that results for toxicology tests have yet to be released.

Naturally, the Korkkis are still searching for answers. Hopefully they'll have peace of mind when the new results are released.

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