Awkward People Rejoice: This 'Silent Taxi' Service Is Now A Real Thing

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Let's be real: There's nothing worse than getting into a cab and feeling the need to make uneasy smalltalk with the driver — especially if you're as awkward as I am.

Don't get me wrong, I've had some pretty enlightening conversations with a taxi driver or two in the past, but I'd much rather put on my headphones and listen to some music on my ride home.

I'm not being cruel, I'm just bad at small talk (unless I'm buzzed).

Thankfully, a taxi service finally understands our constant desire to travel in peace.

Miyako Taxi created a line of cars called "Silent Taxis," where the driver doesn't speak to you during the ride.

The only "small talk" that will take place is when the driver greets you and confirms your destination (of course, they'll start talking if an emergency situation arises, but let's hope that doesn't happen). 

So basically, the taxis are made for humans who hate long, awkward conversations.

Unfortunately, these silent cabs are only located in Japan, so if you're traveling in Kyoto, maybe you'll be lucky enough to ride in one.

Apparently, they look like any other taxi, except for a note in the car telling passengers they've entered a silent vehicle.

The purpose of the quiet taxis is to provide a more comfortable (and less awkward) ride for passengers by eliminating conversation.

Miyako Taxi recently released a statement about the cars and said,

This service is currently in a trial stage, with the goal of creating an in-car atmosphere that provides the most comfortable ride for passengers through limiting the driver's speaking.

On the other hand, if you're someone who enjoys small talk, don't fret. The drivers aren't prohibited from talking to their passengers if they're the ones who initiate the conversation.

The service started in late March and is awaiting customer reviews to determine whether or not they should move forward with the service.

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