Siblings' Heartbreaking Plea To Be Adopted By One Family Gets Amazing Reply

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Five siblings who live in separate Kansas foster homes hope to be adopted together so they can live with one another.

After a post describing their heartbreaking situation went viral, thousands of families have offered to care for the children so they won't be separated.

The siblings — Bradley, 11, Preston, 10, Layla, 8, Landon, 6, and Olive, 2 — were featured on the website in a touching post that convinced families across the nation to open their homes and their hearts for them.

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The post described the siblings' interests and claimed the three brothers and two sisters are active members in church.

Since the memo was posted, their situation went viral. In fact, the website needed to take the post down on Monday and begin reviewing the adoption requests that came through.

Theresa Freed, communications director for the Kansas Department for Children and Families, talked to ABC news and said,

Just since Friday, I think we've received about 1,300 emails [regarding the siblings]. We've identified some possible families who may be a good fit. This is the most attention any single child or sibling set has received since [the agency] can remember.

How could you blame them? You'd need to be heartless to turn these kids down.

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An article posted by The Kansas City Star described each child and their unique interest so families know what kind of children they plan on welcoming into their family.

Bradley, 11, loves music and soccer. He's confident with his math and science skills and can be shy, but sweet.

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Preston, 10, likes to collect Pokémon and enjoys the outdoors. He's also enjoys fishing.

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Layla, 8, loves to dance to hip-hop and plays volleyball. She plans on saving sick or injured animals when she's older.

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Landon, 6, also collects Pokémon cards and hopes to be a physical education teacher when he grows up.

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Olive, 2, loves to be cuddled and held.

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Like I said before... who wouldn't want these kids in your family?!

Freed was not able to disclose information about the siblings' biological parents or why they were left in foster care.

Based on the overwhelming amount of responses, I'm sure they'll be adopted together in no time.

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