This Video Of A Shark Attacking A Fisherman Will Give You Nightmares


If you had plans to jump into any body of water where sharks may or may not be present with little to no experience in actually fighting said sharks, we've got a message for you: DON'T DO IT.

That message was made loud and clear in this video, which shows a frightening shark attack on a spearfisher in North Western Australia.

The video starts off in a pretty uneventful way; 19-year-old Brad Vale is diving into the deep blue sea with his spear in hand -- the usual, presumably. But then, out of nowhere, a shark starts circling under Vale and attacks.

The teen fisherman told Perth Now.

The attack looks scary as hell and happened so fast. And yet, the way vale talks about it, you'd think he'd have been more prepared.

Speaking to the same outlet, he said,

Fortunately for Vale, no major injuries were suffered, according to Perth Now. Still, it looks like the kid has to get to work on his jabbing, 'cause that shark ain't look like it was shocked at all.

Meanwhile, the rest of us sane people will just stay on land, thank you very much.

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