Woman Explains Why Shaming 'Fat People' For Eating Junk Food Is So Bad (Video)

by Eitan Levine

Meghan Tonjes should be put on the $20 bill.

The singer/songwriter took to her YouTube account to drop some major truth bombs about the fallout from Ariana Grande’s involvement in “Doughnutgate” and the pop icon’s post-lick apology.

While Tonjes admitted she didn’t have an issue with the start of Grande’s apology, she did think it was a major cop out for Grande to later on pass blame over to the food industry and childhood obesity rates.

During the video, she pointed out,

We live in a culture that glorifies food, but then we hate the people that we believe are representative of that sinful desire for food.

Meghan also mentioned how hard it is to be taken seriously as someone overweight speaking out against Grande’s apology. She said,

I know the comments on this video are gonna be sooo sh*tty because the minute a fat girl opens her mouth to say, 'Hey! Stop doing this!' people are like, 'Just go for a walk and eat a salad, and then we’ll like you enough to respect your opinion, but oh wait, you’re a woman, so we won’t.'

Preach, girl.

Watch the video and then write in Meghan Tonjes for president during the next election.