Amazing Service Dog Uses Her Talents To Surf With Disabled People (Photos)

I think we can all use a dog like Ricochet in our lives.

Ricochet's owner always wanted her to be a service dog, but when she was just 15 months old, Ricochet chose her own calling by jumping on a surfboard with a 14-year-old quadriplegic named Patrick.

Since then, this amazing dog has been surfing with adults and children with all sorts of mental and physical disabilities.

Her owner, Judy Fridono, wrote,

Because I nurtured her natural tendencies, she has developed an extraordinarily powerful ability to make immediate, deep, heart-to-heart connections with the individuals she interacts with. She intuitively and emphatically alerts to their emotional and physical changes which allows for profound paws-on healing interventions.

This woman never thought she could surf without arms, but Ricochet was up to the challenge.

Even though Jill lost her leg to cancer, she can also surf with the help of Ricochet...

 ...and Jake can still surf despite his rare neurodegenerative disease.

The youngest child Ricochet ever surfed with was 2-year-old Abel.

According to Fridono, this adorable service dog is especially sensitive to veterans suffering from PTSD, and she does incredible things to soothe their anxieties.

Ricochet is also keen to helping kids with autism, like West, who used to be afraid of water and dogs. Now, West helps other kids while they surf with the prized pup.

This surfing pup even helped these boys, who both need heart transplants, by holding a fundraiser to raise money for and awareness about organ donation.

Clearly, Ricochet is one of the most loving, caring beings out there.

If you want to learn more about this amazing dog, you can check out Fridono's new book.

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