A Senator Broke A Table While Trying To Get A Woman To Stop Talking About Abortion


A 24-year-old intern for NARAL Pro-Choice was giving her testimony on an anti-abortion bill in Texas on Wednesday when Senator Charles Schwertner was so angry over her pro-choice words, he shattered a glass table with his gavel.

Refinery29 reports the intern, Maggie Hennessy, had two minutes to speak and was warned by the senator not to go over her allotted time. She went over her time by a couple of seconds, so naturally, the senator shattered a tabletop in retaliation because HOW DARE SHE GO OVER HER TWO MINUTES?

Make no mistake, he wasn't pissed the intern took a couple of seconds longer than allowed. He was pissed about what she was saying.


Alexa Garcia-Ditta, the NARAL Texas communications director, was watching the scene unfold from the gallery when she tweeted the picture of the broken tabletop.

Hennessy was reportedly urging lawmakers to "stop playing with women's healthcare as if it's your own political puppet" (Amen!) when Schwertner literally brought down the gavel (read: hammer) on her testimony, according to Cosmopolitan.


The bill Hennessy and NARAL were testifying against was SB 415. If passed, the bill would limit a doctor's ability to conduct completely legal and medically safe dilation and evacuation procedures that are frequently used for second-trimester abortions. (NARAL is the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws.)

Hennessy told Cosmopolitan, “I don't know why he banged [the gavel] so aggressively. He just clearly was rattled by it.”

Schwertner's chief of staff reportedly said he was tryng “to run an orderly meeting,” but, like, Hennessy wasn't yelling. She was just talking. You were the one causing a scene. Why you so mad, bro?

Ohhhhhhh. Maybe it's because of sexism. LOL, I forgot. My b!

Directly following Hennessy's testimony and his temper tantrum, Schwertner — chair of the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee — allowed the president of the anti-abortion Texas Alliance for Life lobby group to speak well over his allotted two-minute timeframe.

Ah, yes, because as long as you're a man and as long as you're fighting to take away the rights of women, you can speak for as long as you want.

Hypocrisy! Sexism! Patriarchy! Hurting the lives of women everywhere! So fun!

Schwertner might have succeeded in shutting Hennessy up this time, but just like every woman fighting for women's rights in Trumps's America, she will persist.