These Men Stopped To Take Selfies After Leading Cops On High-Speed Chase


Two alleged burglars did doughnuts and danced for the cameras while taking police on a high-speed chase through Los Angeles yesterday.

Police received a report about a burglarized home in Cerritos, California at 1:24 pm, shortly after the area experienced a heavy rainstorm, Los Angeles Times reports.

The two suspects, 19-year-old Isaiah Young and 20-year-old Herschel Reynolds, then reportedly fled the scene in a Ford Mustang convertible.

A police helicopter spotted the car in a matter of minutes, but Los Angeles Police Department officers reportedly waited a little while to pursue the suspects due to the wet roads and speed of the Mustang, which they believed would have only increased the danger for the public.

With Reynolds behind the wheel, the Mustang did doughnuts in multiple lanes on Hollywood Boulevard while Young stood up and gestured at the helicopters, NBC Los Angeles reports. Young's antics, which included dancing and shouting at drivers and pedestrians, attracted an army of onlookers who seemed to be cheering the men on.

The Mustang hit at least two cars and may have dented a TMZ bus that apparently cut the car off during a lane change. Officers twice tried to puncture the Mustang's tires with spike strips and failed both times. The Mustang's right front tire, however, somehow became shredded, forcing the men to abandon their getaway.

At around 3:30 pm, the men parked outside a home in South Los Angeles, where they were greeted with high fives, hugs and numerous selfies with apparent admirers. According to Daily Mail, police arrived about 10 minutes later to find the suspects sitting and waiting to be arrested.

Young is reportedly being held on $80,000 bail and Reynolds on $50,000 bail. A date for their arraignment in court is yet to be scheduled.

Dennis Zine, a 47-year-veteran of the LAPD, told the Los Angeles Times Thursday's chase was easily among the “top 10 most bizarre pursuits in LA."

The second half of this video shows the chase's hilarious conclusion.

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