Heroic Student Takes Down Gunman In New Footage From 2014 Seattle Shooting

Warning: The above footage is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.

The 2014 shooting at Seattle Pacific University may have been a tragic event, but an amazing new video shows how one hero triumphed in preventing other lives from being lost.

On Tuesday, the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office released a video of the gunman's attack, which took place on June 5, 2014, and took one life, while injuring two others.

In the video, the suspect, Aaron Ybarra, takes aim at one student and fires. The student, who survived the blast, stumbles away. That's when the Ybarra is taken down by the courageous efforts of student Jon Meis.

Meis is shown creeping around a corner and pepper-spraying the gunman in the face while the gunman was trying to reload his shotgun. Meis then tackles the gunman — like the badass he is.

Meis even appears to bloody the gunman, as the suspect's head looks like it may have hit a nearby table, at which point blood seems to appear on the floor.

Meis, who happens to be a student safety monitor, takes the shotgun and puts it in a nearby room before putting the gunman in a headlock.

In short, Meis's actions during the Seattle shooting are the type of things you only see in movies. It's also the type of stunt you'd only pull off in a video game, which makes the student's work that much more impressive.

There simply aren't enough superlatives for this video. It was amazing, courageous, brave, fantastic ... It was all of that and more.

It was a truly heroic moment.

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