Suspect Killed After Car Chase Turns Into Intense Police Shootout (Video)

An armed carjacker took Seattle police on a dangerous chase before he was eventually shot dead.

According to Daily Mail, a 35-year-old man appears to have threatened employees of a Pike Street restaurant and tattoo parlor with a gun on December 6 before stealing a Volkswagen Golf.

The gunman, who was reportedly armed with two handguns, then drove to a car rental business where he threatened to shoot two employees if they did not let him take a Chevy Camaro.

Dash-cam video released by the Seattle Police Department begins with the Camaro being followed by police in northeast Seattle around 1:44 pm.

About 30 seconds later, the Camaro arrives at an intersection, drives over an island and proceeds to speed down the wrong side of the road until the driver is forced to slow down at a busy traffic light.

A police car slams into the Camaro's rear, but the gunman drives through a small parking lot with at least one police car on his tail.

The gunman continues onto a residential street, firing at officers, who swerve and slow down slightly.

He tries to barrel through three police cars coming the opposite way, but a police sedan rams into the Camaro's left side, forcing the gunman to come to a stop behind a civilian's SUV sitting in traffic.

The female driver of this SUV runs out of her car before the gunman backs up and attempts to accelerate forward, prompting several officers to blanket the Camaro with gunfire, killing the gunman.

Seattle police say 12 officers who engaged the suspect were placed on paid administrative leave in accordance with department policy.

The officers' use of force is currently under investigation, also due to department protocol.

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