Science Says Dogs Are Man's Best Friend Because We’re Wired The Same (Video)

So, it turns out dogs actually do care about their owners' feelings, and it has to do with the emotional responses dogs have to sounds humans make.

"The Science of DOGS" video by AsapSCIENCE says,

Humans and dogs both respond to emotional sounds. When your dog hears you crying or laughing, the response in their brain is similar to that of a human’s.

On top of the way dogs respond to humans, the responses dogs trigger from humans make them almost scientifically impossible not to love.

In fact, the video cites a recent study that found dogs actually trigger the same hormonal reaction that causes us to love and take care of our babies.

Moreover, they also alleviate some of our stress and anxiety, further making them the perfect pets.

This video is packed with other interesting facts about dogs, such as their levels of intelligence and their abilities to detect cancer.